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Supplemental Restraint Systems


How They Affect Our Rescue Efforts


A few books, training manuals and computer programs are available today to inform rescuers of the location of the components and the dangers of these systems.  Training has also been established worldwide; informing rescuers of the vital need for such procedures as; electrical shut down, the 5-10-20 rule and the peel and peek technique. These are extremely important and must be adhered to at all times, to safely mitigate an automotive accident.  


But were do we go from here?


This course is designed to not only reinforce our current training but, to give the more advanced rescuer the knowledge to make good decisions when he or she is faced with a situation that may be above and beyond this training.


This course is designed to inform all first responders, from basic through advanced, of the dangers involved in dealing with these systems, both before our standard procedures are performed and in situations were these procedure can not be performed.


EMS providers will learn little known information about the injuries and hidden dangers specifically related to SRS and their individual components. The course will also inform EMS providers of the vital need for good assessment and reporting skills and provide them with the tools and guidelines to perform these skills. 


Attendees will have the opportunity to actually handle multiple components of SRS and see how they work. They will understand the role each component plays in the system and the dangers involved with each.


Along with power point presentations and videos, attendees will interact in group activities and demonstrations that will prepare them to make vital decisions when faced with critical situations on the scene of a vehicle collision.


Topical Overview:

  • Introduction to Supplemental Restraint Systems
  • How airbags work
  • ‘Smart’ SRS and how they affect our current training
  • Driver’s frontal SRS, their sensors, and components
  • Passengers frontal SRS,  their sensors, and components
  • Head protection SRS
  • Side impact SRS
  • Occupant positioning SRS
  • Rollover protection SRS and deployable roll bars
  • EMS concerns for each of these systems and their components

Emphasis will be placed on our current rescue and EMS training and how these systems adversely affect that training.

For more information Contact:
Lee Junkins

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