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James Morgan Brinker

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Mary Ann "May" Chambers     1828-1905

Matilda Brinker               1824-0000
Female Brinker               1826-0000
Margaret Brinker            1828-1890
Charles Brinker              1833-0000
Catherine J. Brinker       1837-0000
Ludsia Brinker                1839-0000
William Thomas Brinker 1842-1924

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James' Childhood

Bourbon County Va. was formed on October 17, 1785 from sections of Fayette County, Virginia, and named after the French House of Bourbon, in gratitude for Louis XVI of France's assistance during the American Revolutionary War.

Bourbon Co. became part of the new state of Kentucky when it was created in 1792, two years after the birth of James' father.

The courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1872 and 1901, resulting, both times, in the loss of county records.

Due to this loss of records it has become difficult to find an exact date of many births.

James Morgan Brinker's birth is a key factor in locating the movement of his father Charles Brinker 1790. All documents have a four year discrepancy in his birth date.
  • 1850 census show James born 1824
  • 1860 census show him born 1822
  • The minute records of the Driftwood / Sand Creek Society of Friends church Page 145, Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, Submitted by Robyn Hamilton state his date of birth is 26 February 1820 which is a 4 year difference.
Author's Note: The Society of Friends records have usually proven to be much more accurate, therefore I have used this date until proven wrong. 
James Morgan Brinker was born February 26, 1820 he was the first child of Charles Brinker and Rebecca Bowen. He was born in North Middletown Bourbon Co. Kentucky. Source: 1820; Census Place: North Middletown, Bourbon, Kentucky; Roll: M33_18; Page: 110; Image: 62. (Ancestry online image 45/68)
North Middletown is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.

On ___. __, 1822 James' brother Morgan Brinker was born in Bourbon Co. Ky.

On __. __, 1824 James sister was born in Bourbon Co. Ky.

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June 1, 1830 James, ten years old, is found living with his parents in Decatur Co Ind. (no twsp. shown.)
Source: 1830; Census -- Decatur, Indiana; Roll: 26; Page: 398 - 399. Enumerated June 1, 1830 --- James and Morgan are the 2 males shown to be 5 - 9 yrs. old

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June 1, 1840 James is shown on the 1840 census living in Sandcreek twsp. Decatur Co. Indaina. Source: 1840 Census -- Decatur, Indiana; Roll: 78; Page: 206. Enumerated Jun. 1, 1840

1842 The exact date is unknown but, some time between July 12, 1842 which was the brith date of his youngest child and 1850 when Rachel remarried, James' father Charle Brinker died in Sandcreek Twsp. Decatur Co. Indiana Source:

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Starting his family

September 29, 1846 James Morgan Brinker married Mary Ann "May" Chambers in Sandcreek twsp. Decatur Co, Indiana. Mary Ann Chambers was born October 18, 1828 in Hamilton Co. Ohio, the daughter of Manual Chambers and Mahala Unknown. Source: Indiana State Library Genealogy Database: Indiana Marriages through 1850  Decatur Co.

On ____, 1847 James and Mary Ann's First child George L. Brinker was born in Jackson Twsp. Decatur Co. Indiana Source:

On ___, 1849 James and Mary Ann's second child Samantha Brinker was born in Jackson twsp, Decatur Co. Indiana Source:

Sept. 26, 1850 James is shown in the 1850 census living in Jackson twsp. Decatur Co. Ind. Household # 43 six doors from his brother Morgan Brinker household #37. He has son George L. Brinker age 3 and daughter Samantha Brinker age 1. The census also shows his sister Catherine J. living with James and his family. James' Occupation at this time was a Broom Maker. Source: 1850 Jackson Twp, Decatur Co. In. enumerated Sep. 26, 1850

1850 James' mother remarried, 1850 census shows James' mother Rachel Bowen married to Josiah Welcher in Sandcreek Twsp. Decatur Co. Ind. The census show that Rachel owned the property that they were living on, and that Rachel and Josiah were married within the year. Source: 1850 Census Sandcreek Twp. Decatur Co. In. enumerated Oct. 9, 1850 #232 pg. 26 -- states Josiah and Rachel married within the year.
Author's Note: Search records for this land. Either Charles purchase more land than just the Aug 15, 1838 purchase or the Will was not yet proven because three years later James sold the original land that he had inherited.

Author's Note: Morgan's next door neighbor was household #36 Ransford Bowen (age 30, born Ind.) (Farmer) the same as Rachel's madden name. Household #196 was a William Bowen age 35 born Ohio.

Morgan's daugter married a Sheilds Household #51 in Sandcreek Twsp was Sheilds, household #238 Elijah Sheilds age 26.

On May 15, 1853 James and Mary Ann's third child Jacob Brinker was born in Jackson Twsp Decatur Co. Indiana. Source:

September 20, 1853 James sold his father's land: Decatur Co. Land Transactions Book `U`, Page 503, Item No. 545 - `James Brinker and Mary his wife of Decatur County State of Indiana does convey and quit claim to Henry McDougle of the same State and County the following tract or lot of land towit, The West (1/2) of the South East quarter of Section No. 26 in Township No(9) N. of Range 8. East. containing 80. acres. embracing all his and his heirs interest in said (1/2) quarter him being a law. heir of Charles Brinker deceased. for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty five dollars as witness our hand and seal this 20th September A. D. 1853. James (his X mark) Brinker Mary (her X mark) Brinker
This is the same track of land that his father Charles Brinker purchased on August 15, 1838.

On ____, 1855 James and Marry Ann's fourth child Amanda J. Brinker was born in Sandcreek Twsp Bartholomew C. Indiana. Source:

On Jan. 14, 1857 James and Mary Ann's fifth child America Brinker was born in _____ Co. Indiana. Source:

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August 7, 1860 James is shown in the 1860 census living near Azalia, Sandcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. Ind. Occupation Farmer. This census also shows, his wife Mary Ann 29, George L. 13, Samantha 11, Jacob 8, Amanda J. 5, and America 3.
Source:1860 Sandcreek, Bartholomew, Indiana census; Roll: M653_244; Page: 454; 
Image: 454; Family History Library Film: 803244.

On Sept. 4, 1861 James and Mary Ann's sixth child James Albert Brinker was born in Sandcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. Indiana, near the town of Azalia. Source:

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July 1, 1863 at the age of 42, James registered for military duty in Sandcreek twsp. Bartholomew Co. Indiana, 3rd congressional district. Jame is registered as a farmer in Sandcreek Twsp.Source: U.S., Civil War Draft Registrations Records, 1863-1865 Vol. 3 pg. 12

On Jul. 17, 1867 James and Mary Ann's seventh child Charles W. Brinker was born in Sandcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. Indiana, (? Azalia or Elizabethtown) Source:

On Jul. 2, 1869 James and Mary Ann's eighth child John Kennedy Brinker was born in Sandcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. Indiana. (? Azalia or Elizabethtown). Source:

June 6, 1870 The 1870 census show James living in Rockcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. household # 100, nearest Ind. Post Office Burnsville, Ind. There was a George Turner age 26 living with the family. Source: 1870 Rockcreek Twsp. Bartholomew Co. Ind. census pg 15 enumerated June 6, 1870

March 7, 1874 James received membership into the Driftwood --Sandcreek Society of  Friends Meeting in Azalia, Indiana.
Source: Society of Friends in Indiana, Driftwood--Sand Creek, Bartholomew County, Indiana

1900 James Morgan Brinker died in Columbus, Bartholomew Co. Indiana. He is buried in the Thomas Newton cemetery in Bartholomew Co. Indiana. Source: Personal letter from Bartholomew Co. Historical Society --- And from the minute records of the Driftwood / Sand Creek Society of Friends church Page 145, Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, Submitted by Robyn Hamilton

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