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Westport, Sandcreek Twsp. Decatur County, Indiana

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Matilda Brinker                      1824-0000
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Female Brinker                      1826-0000
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Margaret Brinker                   1828-1890
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Charles Brinker                      1833-0000
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Catherine J. Brinker               1837-0000
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Ludsia Brinker                       1839-0000

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William Thomas Brinker        1842-1924

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Charles's Childhood

Charles Brinker is commonly believed to have been born ____, 1790. Charles has been the brick wall for geniologist for many years, no one has been able to positively identify his father or place of birth.
Many lineages of the Brinker family are found in America including the following:
  • Andreas Brinker and sons, arrived in Pa. 1735 and settled in Pa.
  • Henry Brinker arrived on Ship St Andrew Aug. 1750 PA.
  • Johann F Brinker arrived in New Orleans La 1841 and settled in Missouri
  • Jon B. Brinker arrived in New Orleans 1843
  • Balthazar Henry Brinker arrived in New Orleans Jul 5, 1839 and settled in St Louis, Missouri
  • Jon Henn Brinker arrived in America 1846
  • Claus Brinker arrived in NY 1850 and settle in Wisconsin
  • William C. Brinker arrived in Boltimore Jun. 27, 1853 and settled in Grant, Indiana 
But, the earliest was the line of Andreas Brinker, who arrived with his wife, five sons and one daughter, in Philadelphia, Pa. on June 28,1735.
This is the only lineage found in the U.S. before 1800, thus we are relatively sure Charles is in the Andreas lineage.
If this is true; then we know by the time line of their births that he would have to be a great grandson of Andreas.
All records show Charles born in Kentucky. If this is true Charles was actually born in Kentucky Co. Virginia, The state of Kentucky was not formed until Jun. 1, 1792, two years after his birth.

Kentucky County was formed by the Commonwealth of Virginia by dividing Fincastle County into three new counties: Kentucky, Washington, and Montgomery, effective December 31, 1776. Four years later Kentucky County was abolished on June 30, 1780, when it was divided into Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln counties of Virginia. These later petitioned together to secede from Virginia, which was approved by the Virginia House of Burgesses. In 1792 the Commonwealth of Kentucky was admitted to the United States as its 15th state.

During this time of change Bourbon County Va. was formed on October 17, 1785 from sections of Fayette County, Virginia, and named after the French House of Bourbon, in gratitude for Louis XVI of France's assistance during the American Revolutionary War.

Thus according to his believed birth place, he was most likely born in Bourbon Co. Va. which two years after his birth became Bourbon Co. Kentucy.

According to Hogan, Roseann Reinemuth (1992). "Kentucky Ancestry: A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research". Ancestry Publishing. p. 197 The courthouse was destroyed by fire in 1872 and 1901, resulting in the loss of county records.

The 1820 census show Charles living in Bourbon Co. Kentucky and it is commonly believed that three of his children were born in Bourbon Co. Ky.

The 1820 Census show Charles living in North Middletown, Bourbon Co. Kentucky. Source Citation: Year: 1820; Census Place: North Middletown, Bourbon, Kentucky; Roll: M33_18; Page: 110; Image: 62. (Ancestry online image 45/68)
The same 1820 census show a Jacob Brinker living in North Middletown, Bourbon Co Ky. The only Jacob in this lineage that would fit the time line is Jacob Brinker 1764 the son of Conrad Brinker and he would be the right age to be Charles father but, he was not married to Mary Taylor until Feb. 23, 1791 one year after the date we give as Charle's birth.
This same 1820 census also show two Bowen families living in North Middletown. Which is the maiden name of Charles' wife Rachel Bowen.  

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Starting his family

About 1819 Charles Brinker married Rachel Bowen, Most people show their marriage as 1820.--- We have a confirmed birth date for James Morgan, their oldest son, he was born Feb. 12, 1820, considering the nine months from conception that would make them married around Jul. or Aug. 1819 at the latest. To date no actual record of this marriage has been found.

On Feb. 26, 1820 Charles and Rachel's first child James Morgan Brinker was born. Source:The minute records of the Driftwood / Sand Creek Society of Friends meeting Page 145, Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, Submitted by Robyn Hamilton.
Author's Note: There is a four year discrepanies in the birth date of James according to the U.S. census 1850 says about 1824, the 1860 census says 1822, and the 1870 census says 1820. The Society of Friends records show actual date Feb. 26, 1820 which would make Rachel 18 years old at the time. 

 June 1, 1830 Charles is found living in Decatur Co Ind. (no twsp. was shown) His nieghbors were Samuel Stephens and John L. Whitlow. Source:1830; Census -- Decatur, Indiana; Roll: 26; Page: 398 - 399. Enumerated Jun. 1, 1830 --- Charles is shown to be 30 - 39 yrs. old.

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Charles the broken link

Author's Note:

Charles Brinker 1790 has been a brick wall for everyone for years, no one has been able to prove who his father was.


I do not have confirmation yet; I am desperately working to find the father of Charles Brinker 1790. I have studied 6 strings of the Brinker name in the U.S.

       Brinker settlers arriving in the 1800 and 1900 centuries:

Andreas Brinker and sons Arrived in Penn in 1735

Johann F Brinker Arrived in Missouri in 1841

Joh Brinker Arrived in America in 1843

Joh B Brinker age 31 Arrived in New Orleans, La in 1843

Belt H Brinker age 33 Arrived in Missouri 1843

Joh Henn Brinker Arrived in America 1846

Adam Heinrich Brinker Arrived in New York settled in Fedonia, Wisconson and was a Taylor in Chicago

In studying these I am persuaded that Charles Brinker 1790 is in the descendant linage of Andreas Brinker, who arrived in Penn. in 1735. All other lineages I have found (Listed above) arrived in America after Charles’s birth.

If this is true; then according to Charles's birth year 1790, we know by the time line of each of the family's lives that he would have to be a great grandson of Andreas.

In studying all of Andreas’s grandsons Henry 1751 son of Hans Hendrich (Henry) Brinker is the only descendant that we have no documented record of his children.
We do have records of Henry and his wife’s birth years and at the time of Charles’s birth Henry b.1751 and Anna Catherine Laubinger b.1752 was well with-in child bearing age. Henry would have been 39yrs old when Charles was born, Anna Catherine would have been 38 yrs old.

Also: As far as we can find, all other Great Grand Children of Andreas is well documented and accounted for in this Brinker history.  

Henry Brinker 1751 is well documented as being born in old Frederick Town (now Winchester), Frederick Co. Virginia. He spent he life on his farm outside Stephenburg, Va. and died in Springfield, Hampshire Co. Va. just a few miles from his farm.


Charles Brinker’s date and place of birth is widely believed to be 1790 in Kentucky.

If Charles's birth year 1790 is correct then Charles had to have been born in Virginia, because the state of Kentucky was not formed until Jun.1, 1792, two years after his birth.
(Nine conventions were held in Danville from 1784 to 1790 on the matter of statehood and eventually led to the residents of Kentucky County, Virginia officially petitioning Congress for statehood. The state constitution was ratified in 1792, and June 1 of that year Kentucky entered the union, the first state admitted west of the Appalachians.)
Thus any record of Charles’s birth may be in Virginia rather than Kentucky. And this would be the first indication of Charles being from the same state as Henry 1751.

We find Charles’s grandson, Ruanna and Morgan's son, William as a step son of John Burch in the 1880 census and he lists his father Morgan’s place of birth as VA. which would be a second indication of Charles being in Va. which is Henry's home.

In the book; Kentucky County Timeline, Formation of Kentucky Counties. created by Lee H. Hoffman, 1993 and revised 1996 we find: 
Jun. 1, 1785 Bourbon Co. Virginia (Later Kentucky) was formed from Fayette Co. Virginia.

I found this on the Harwick Family Tree --- Charles Brinker residence --- Source Citation: Year: 1820 Census; Place: North Middletown, Bourbon Co, Kentucky; Roll: M33_18; Page: 110; Image: 62. (Ancestry online image 45/68)

Ruddells Mills is a Bourbon county village that was once home to grist and wool mills. It sits where Hinkston Creek and Stoner Creek join to form the South Fork of the Licking River and at the junction of KY 1893 and KY 1940 about five miles north of Paris. It was founded by Isaac Ruddell who in 1776, briefly moved north to Ruddell's Station, and returning following the Revolutionary War.
Isaac Ruddell is the brother-in-law of George Brinker, Henry 1751's brother.
Middletown, Ky. is the same name as the town that Ruddell's moved from in Frederick Co. Va.  

The Brinker- Bowen Relationship

We also have no record of the location of Charles Brinker and Rachel Bowen's marriage. 

These two families were first seen together in Bucks Co Pa. were Andreas Brinker and Regula (Herter) Brinker Settled in 1739.


Moses Bowen and Rebecca (Reece) Bowen   

Moses was born 1674 in Carmarthin, Wales. He emigrated from Wales to Philadelphia, Pa. about 1698 to Guinned Township, Chester Co., PA were he bought 10,000 acres of land. He married Rebecca Reece in 1703 in Bucks Co Pa. In 1732, they moved to Rockbridge County, VA. He died in 1760 at the age of 86 in Montgomery Co. PA. Rebecca died April 1, 1780 at the age of 104 in Chester, Pa.   


Moses Bowen and Rebecca (Reece) Bowen had five sons and six daughters:


Thier Grandson John Jr. married Rachel Mathews, his son John III married Rachel Clark, Moses Great Grand Daughter by David Davis Bowen was named Reachel Bowen born 1794 in Augusta Co. Va. So Rachel has been a Bowen family name for generations.


Their one son Henry Bowen Sr. was well known to the Brinker family in Frederick Co Va.


Henry Bowen Sr. was born 1679 in Chester Co Pa. He married Jane Carter, born 1683 in Chester Co Pa. daughter of Robert Carter, in 1703 at the Brick M House, Bucks Co., PA (Jane died July 28, 1752)


Henry Sr. purchased one half of a 448 acre parcel in Frederick County, Virginia, on  January 30, 1743 from John Littler.

The other half was purchased on the same day by Thomas Rees, Henry's son-in-law. Thomas and Jane (Bowen) Carter were Quakers, attending the Hopewell Meeting House near Wincester, Frederick County, Virginia.


In 1754 Henry Bowen Sr. sold his property in Frederick Co Va. to his son Henry Bowen Jr. Soon after this transaction Henry Sr. died.   


Henry Bowen Jr. was born 1715 in Chester Co Pa. He married Anna Moon in Frederick Co. Va. She was born 1723 in Frederick Co. Va. and died at Apple Pie Ridge in Frederick Co. Va.

Children of Henry Bowen Jr.and Anna Moon:


Hannah Bowen

Born: May 3, 1742 at Apple Pie Ridge, Frederick Co. Va.

Died: May 19, 1827 at Jefferson, Greene Co. Pa.

Married Issac Heaton


Henry Bowen III

Born: 1758 in Winchester, Frederick Co. Pa.

Died: 1785 in Ky.


Jacob Bowen

Born: 1762 in Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.

Died: ___ in Frederick Co. Va.


Mary Bowen

Born: April 3, 1742 in Frederick Co. Va.

Died: 1825 in Green Co. Pa.

Married Peter Babb Sr.


Margaret Bowen

Born: 1748 in Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.

Died: in Fayette, Pa.


Rees Bowen

Born: 1745 in Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.

Died 1776


Jane Jean Bowen

Born: 1750 in Frederick Co. Va.



Ann Bowen

Born: Feb. 1, 1752 in Frederick Co. Va.

Died: March 18, 1828 in Washington Co. Pa.

Married: James Carter III


Prucilla Bowen

Born: 1755 in Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.

Died: 1824 in Green Co. Pa.

Married: Robert Hill


John Bowen

Born: 1756 in Frederick Co. Va.

Died: 1819 in Frederick Co. Va.

Married: Elizabeth Owen

Henry’s father Hans Hendrick died in 1772. Looking at his will we find one of the appraisers was R. Bowen

Title: Frederick County, Virginia, Wills & Administrations, 1795-1816, Will Book No. 7, 1802-1804 Page: 50

Brinker, Caterine -- Appraisal 31 Jan 1803 -- Appraisers: R. Bowen, William Holliday, (last signature in German, illegible) (P. 95) 

If Catherine (Henry’s wife) is Charles' mother: This would put Charles who married Rachel Bowen in the area of a Bowen Family within the right time line for Charles and Rachel to meet each other.

Listed in the same book we find:

The wills of George Brinker (Henry’s brother)

The will of Jacob Bowen who died 1799, which would be the right age to be a father or grandfather to Rachel.

The will of Henry Bowen who died in 1784, which would be the right age to be a brother to Rachel.

Connection to the Bowmans in Indiana

We find many records showing Morgan and Ruanna in the Saluda Jefferson Co. Indiana area. Morgan's son (William H.) and daughter-in-law are buried in Section 19, Town T2N, Range 10E of Marble hill Cemetery in Saluda Twp, Jefferson Co. Ind.

On the Marble Hill Cemetery Records Website there is a note stating: [Lois Mauk reports that this cemetery is also called the Bowman Cemetery.]

On June 20, 1824, Isaac Bowman named George M. Brinker as one of the executors of his four page Will.
He stated in the Will that he appointed as his executors his wife Mary, his nephew and friend, George Brinker, and his four sons, Isaac, George, Robert, and Washington (Source: Isaac Bowman's Will)
In this Will there was named several large tracks of land in Indiana, one being in Jeffersonville, Ind.
Jeffersonville, Indiana is were Charles purchased his land in Decatur Co.

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