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The Brinker Family History

Anna Catherine Kreutzberger 1725-1801

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Wendel Kreutzberger  1687-1733
Anna Drachsler  1688-0000 


Johanna Maria Kreutzberger   1714 – 1768
Johann Nicolaus Kreutzberger   1716 – 1785
Anna Magdalena Kreutzberger   1718 – 0000
Anna Margarethe Kreutzberger   1721 – 0000


Maria Veronica Kreutzberger   1727 – 0000

Anna Catherine Kreutzberger was born January 6, 1725 in  Klarenthal, Saarbrucken, Saarland, Germany, the fifth child of Wendel Kreutzberger 1687 – 1733 and Anna Drachsler 1688 – 0000. Source: The Kreutzberger Family Tree,

On June 15, 1744 Anna Catherine Kreutzberger married Hans Hendrick Brinker at Christ Lutheran Church in Stouchsburg, Berks Co. Pennsylvania.

(Source: "Berks Co. PA Marriages, 1730-1800, Vol. 2", 1987, Edited by Frederick Paul & Jeffrey J. Howell. Page 1, Henry Brenker, sadler, and Anna Catharina Kreutzberger. Marr. 15 June 1744, Christ Luth. Ch., Stouchsburg in Marion Twp., Berks Co., PA)

On August ___, 1772, Catherine's husband, Henry Brinker died, at the age of fifty, on their farm northeast of Winchester, Frederick Co. Va. (Source: "Abst. of Wills, Inventories & Admin. Accts. of Frederick Co. VA 1743-1800", King, 1982, p. 31. Will of Henry Brinker, written 17 Oct. 1769, proved Aug. 1772)

In 1782 we still find Catherine living in Frederick Co. Va. According to the Heads of Families list in Col Dowdall's district there was 8 whites and 0 blacks living in the household.
(Source: Heads of families list of Col. Dowdall --- shows 8 white and 0 black)

September 6, 1785; Guide to Virginia Misellany Papers 1657-1931
  • Legal Papers, 1784-1786 Box: 1 folder: 34

    • Execution, 6 September 1785, to the sheriff of Frederick County. Ca. resp. requiring James Mercer, executor of Charles Dick, deceased, to answer Catharine Brinker and Frederick Haas, executors of Henry Brinker. 2 p.
  •  In 1788 the Winchester land and tax books show Catherine age 63 living in town, in the district of John Conrad Commissioner.
    (Source: “Town of Winchester Land Book, 1788” List of Land Tax with District of John CONRAD, Commissioner)

    December 13, 1788, The Virginia Land Grants Book T shows Catherine bought 39 acres in Frederick Co. near Stephenburg.
    T119: T.W. 69=18 March 1788 Catherine Brinker 39 A.3 Ro. 19 per. (11 April1788) in Frederick Co. adj. Joathan Perkins, Joseph Lupton, Wolfe Field, Thomas Bryan Martin. 13 Dec, 1788 

    August 1, 1790, the Winchester Lutheran Church records show Catherine promised 1 pound per month to support 2 missionaries, David Young and Christian Streight as pastors.

    December 4, 1801 Catherine (Kreutzberger) Brinker died in Winchester, Frederick Co. Va.
    Source: International Genealogical Index v5.0

    Many people show Catherine's Death in 1772 This record show her and Son-in-law Frederick Haas in law suit in 1785.

    January 31, 1803 Catherine's estate was appraised by R. Bowen and William Holliday in Frederick Co. Va. Her signature was written in German Source: Frederick Co. Will Book 7 pg 95 

    July 1, 1805, Funeral expenses were paid from the estate of Henry Brinker by Frederick Haas executor of Henry and Catherine Brinker's Wills. Source: Frederick Co. Will Book 8 1804 - 1810 pg 92

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