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Everett Leon Hall Picture about 1954

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James Cecil Hall    1921-2000

Ruth Jean Williams   1948 - 0000

Cecil Eugene Junkins     1979 - 0000
Angelia Marie Junkins    1981 - 0000

Everett Leon "Sonny" Hall was born January 21, 1947, the second child of James Cecil Hall and Cleo LaVonne Brinker. The original birth certificate read Everett Leon Rowing also known as Everett Leon Hall.  He was born at St Francis Hospital in Indianapolis, Marion Co. Ind. Source: This author's personal history and records
Author's Note: Mother filed for divorce from Paul Rowing on June 3, 1946. The divorce case was dismissed on Dec. 9, 1947 for want of proacution. James and Cleo was living together during this time. (See Cleo LaVonne Brinker)

Mother and Father were living together unmarried at the time of his birth. at 1458 S. Belmont St. in Indianapolis, Ind. This was a duplex owned by Mary Lee Hall, James' mother. Source: Cleo vs Paul Rowing divorce record dates compared to birth certificate dates and addresses.  

On May 5, 1948 Everett's sister Linda Kay Hall was born. Like Everett her birth certificate read Linda Kay Rowing also known as Linda Kay Hall. Source: Original birth certificate.

Some time between the birth of Linda on May 5, 1948 and the Birth of Cecilia on July 14, 1951, James and Cleo were remarried. This marriage must have taken place outside of Marion Co. because this author has never been able to find a record of it, but proof of the marriage is shown by the birth of Cecilia. Cecilia's birth certificate read Cecilia Lee Hall and she was never entered in a paternity suite as Everett and Linda were. Secondly we have record of a later second divorce.  

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