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Raising the standards for rescue training
Canadian Valley Technology Center
El Reno, Oklahoma             March 12-13, 2010


The Big Rig Rescue Class will be separate this year.

Due to the great demand for this class, we are being forced to present it multiple times per year. Thus making it a school of its own.  

With the class already scheduled for March in El Reno, Ok. we can not logistically present it during ExtricationFest! this year. 


To Register Contact:

Bryan Albrecht

Cavin Wrecker Service

Telephone: (405) 615-9698 cell

                   (405) 262-3383 office





Cavin Wrecker Service



March 12/13, 2010

El Reno, OK


Don’t miss this limited opportunity to attend the best training available for working with some of the area’s foremost towing and recovery professionals and their massive equipment.  You’ll learn the safest and most efficient techniques for heavy lifting and stabilization of big rigs involved in collisions with smaller vehicles.  Travel if you dare, Hell’s Highway and practice The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides.  The featured presenter will be Billy Leach, Jr.  Billy is recognized as the Developer and Sr. Presenter of BIG RIG RESCUE, and has presented at the FDIC, Firehouse Magazine’s Expo, FDNY’s Technical Rescue School, and many other venues.


This program will feature both classroom and HANDS-ON learning.  Attendance is based upon first-come, first served and is very limited to ensure MAXIMUM HANDS-ON.  Attendance during all scheduled training is required to receive a Certificate of Attendance.  An extensive handout is provided for reference by attendees.


The course will begin promptly at 0800 on March 12th, 2010 at,


                                      Canadian Valley Technology Center

                                      6505 E. Highway 66

                                      El Reno, OK 73036


Parking will be in the Northwest parking area and our classed will be held in the Conference Room.


What can you expect?


The intensive classroom session will provide detailed information for the topics of:


Air Bag/Cushion Rescue Systems

Timber Cribbing/Strut Support Operations

The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns/Underrides

Winching/Rigging Gear

Winching Fundamentals for Rescuers


As you travel Hell’s Highway you can anticipate encountering very challenging yet realistic scenarios such as, tanker overturn onto an auto, van trailer underride, concrete mixer overturn onto a smaller vehicle, van trailer overturn onto an auto, and MUCH MORE!  Come, learn, and test your new knowledge and skills!  You WILL NOT be disappointed!


NO walk-in registrations!  Attendees are expected to furnish the following (without exception):


Helmet to meet NFPA Standard

Full length fire retardant clothing

Safety glasses or goggles to meet ANSI Z89.1+S Standard (helmet shields alone are insufficient)

Gloves to meet NFPA Cut Resistance and Heat Resistance Standard

Protective footgear, including impact resistant toe cap

Small battery operated calculator



Anyone wishing to attend must have previous training and considerable experience in vehicle extrication. BRR1™ is not an entry level training program.  The skills are developed to meet NFPA Standard 1670, Technician Level.  One of the fundamental goals during BRR1™ is stabilizing the larger vehicle to create a safer rescue operation.  There will be no opportunities to actually cut/spread/ram the big rigs.


Fee: $150.00 per person – includes lunch on both days


For answers to your questions, please contact:


Bryan Albrecht

Cavin Wrecker Service

Telephone: (405) 615-9698 cell

                   (405) 262-3383 office


Click Picture to enlarge


Attendees will receive classroom and hands-on training using unique techniques with both light and heavy rescue equipment.

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Classroom training will provide information on:

Air Bag Lifting Systems (High, Low Pressure and New Technology)

Timber Cribbing and Strut Support Operations

The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides



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Attendees will perform uncommon extrication techniques such as trunk tunneling and the “Pickup Truck Slice”.  Also, unique methods of stabilization using strut systems and “cradling” techniques will be practiced, knowing the equipment is within its Working Load Limits, thus enhancing safety for all involved.

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Attendees will operate at very challenging, yet realistic scenarios featured during the hands-on session.  Such scenarios include a loaded cement mixer overturned on a car, a side resting car under a van trailer, bobtail underride, and a loaded garbage truck overturned onto a car.

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Attendees will be challenged with the problems that the anatomy of many different big rig vehicles can present.

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Such scenarios as the loaded cement mixer overturn onto a car will present attendees with the problems involving stabilizing odd shaped vehicles and equipment.

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Attendees will work alongside heavy recovery operators and understand their skill and expertise plus the distinct advantages of using their equipment.


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